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Which Luxury Car Are You?

I spent the entire day on the road with 5 new companions; each had their own style, flair and charm. Characters I’m not familiar with, as motor vehicles aren’t exactly my specialty and honestly I have never been on a car drive before, so this was a first (definitely not the last) for me. So I thought, since women love expressing themselves through their garments and accessories, why not express ourselves with what we drive and I could do a woman-car pairing for each of these striking luxury cars. Because truthfully as a woman, I myself look at the façade, comfort, ‘sexiness’ and functionality of the car – forget the specs or technical stuff, as my connection to cars is purely superficial.

Lexus IS200 F Sport 
Price: RM333,000
At first glance, the Lexus IS200 F Sport appears a little unpretentious and the design feature that caught my attention was the headlamps. The interior is sleek and has an aggressive command centre kind of like how it would feel stepping into a cockpit of an aircraft. With race-inspired instrumentation to satisfy your inner technology geek, the car comes with an exterior styling that includes a discreetly styled bumper, upper and lower grille inserts and rear spoiler. Another feature I liked was the power tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel which allows the wheel to tilt seamlessly upward and forward, enabling different drivers to easily select their most comfortable position.

What woman would want to drive this car?
A corporate highflyer who likes the finer things in life but is practical at the same time. Possibly a more mature lady with a desire to stand out and be different.

Celebrity Equivalent: Angelina Jolie

Mercedes C250 AMG
Price: RM 287,888
What I coin the everyday automobile for the elegant and refined. Some might say it’s for older “uncles” but I beg to differ. This car is a wonderful staple to your household; t may look a little conservative but it’s chic and timeless. The interior is impressive as it feels rich and luxurious from the design to the wooden insets – the cabin is filled with vast gadgetry options that are easy to use. The C-Class is sharp-looking and will get you noticed which is a great deal with for the price – a fairly compelling package overall.

What woman would drive this car?
A lady of leisure living a life of luxury, and who plans of kicking back and taking it easy. This woman could be a sophisticated “Tai Tai”(in Chinese meaning a wealthy married woman with tons of life experience and  who does not need to work), and her sole responsibility is to take care of the kids.

Celebrity Equivalent: Nicole Kidman

Infiniti Q5 GT
Price: RM275,800
The first thing that caught my attention was the brilliant shade of red the Infiniti Q50 GT came in; it’s different without being an oddball. I was quickly won over by the colour and as I took a closer look inside, it was also beautifully put together as you’d expect of one of the Japanese premium cars. I loved the optional Bose hi-fi for those moments when you feel like turning your music up loud. The car has a strong down-the-road presence with lots of light-catching curves and surfacing, and wonderful design flourishes. Also did I mention, it can drive by itself!

What woman would drive this car?
A creatively-inclined woman who is confident of her personal style and wants her presence to be made known. Someone who is the life of the party and tries to make a statement with whatever she does.

Celebrity Equivalent: Katy Perry

BMW 330i M Sport
Price: RM297,800
This sports sedan offers a strong dose of style, practicality and genuine enjoyment behind the wheel. It is an attractive and powerful vehicle with an abundance of smart features that may actually first overwhelm you but in time you will love them. It’s sporty, elegant and feature-rich with BMW ConnectedDrive packs that heighten driving satisfaction, convenience and safety, on top of a wide range of entertainment apps.

What woman would drive this car?
A woman who is classy, with a liking for all things polished. She is a highly successful woman who enjoys quiet luxury.

Celebrity Equivalent: Gwyneth Paltrow

Jaguar XE 2.0
Price: RM340,730
This automobile is beautiful and incredibly eye-catching! Quite brilliant to look at and it has that X-Factor and an undeniable on-the-road presence. Slim headlights, upright grille with a low super sleek bonnet, and the ‘J-Blade’ daytime running LEDs in the headlights accentuate the car’s width at the front while the rear LEDs do the same at the back. It’s the sporty stuff that really amps up the XE the most, plus its aggressive styling amplifying its proportions and increasing drama. I sat in it while heading to Genting and it does provide a great ride quality but the cabin lacks space along with the boot, but the XE gets comfort spot on.

What woman would drive this car?
Someone with a lot of charisma, who leads an active life, attends events and is often energetic. This woman is boisterous and has a plenty of self-confidence!

Celebrity Equivalent: Beyoncé aka Queen Bey 

by: Adeline Tan 

Car images credited to: Aaron Lee