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What Steve Jobs Said About Work And Life

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Though we’re still chilling from an extra long weekend courtesy of Labour Day or International Workers’ Day — an annual holiday to celebrate the contribution of workers around the world — work looms large once again in the coming days.

Labour Day may have had its roots in the labour union movement once upon a time advocating eight hours for work, recreation and rest respectively each day, but the realities and demands of a modern working world have pretty much blurred these demarcated lines. How do we navigate the work complexities, mute the noise and find a calm centre to start another working week?

Steve Jobs in 1984 by Norman Seeff                                             image credit: genspot

A look at successful figures like the late Steve Jobs of Apple to see how he navigated the work paradigm makes for great inspiration. Jobs, who spearheaded Apple to its zenith, was a controversial figure being a visionary as well as a feared taskmaster.
One thing’s for sure, no one can say he didn’t know what he wanted to do or where he wanted to go in his life, work and business endeavours. Here are 10 of Steve Jobs most thought-provoking quotes to chew on and be empowered by.

Jobs On Self Belief

Jobs On Change

Jobs On Teamwork

Jobs On Innovation

Jobs On Creativity

Jobs on Focus

Jobs On Setbacks

Jobs on Excellence

Jobs On Moving Forward

Work on Fulfilment

Watch video for Steve Jobs' 10 Rules Of Success

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by: Tan Siok Hoon