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Signs You Have Been Single For A While

If it has been ages since you had a relationship that you not only don’t remember how to be in one, but you’ve pretty much given up on finding true love. Some people don’t date and don’t dream about the white picket fence, the charming house and kids because that life seems way too sensationalised to be conceivable. When you’ve given up on love, you develop a routine that’s worlds different from the coupled-up version of you. However, you may also be the been-single-way-too-long individual who is funny, brilliant, and fabulous (or sometimes a hot mess) and owns it!

It has been so long since you co-existed with another person that single people have grown so used to doing their favourite thing every single time and do whatever they want, whenever they want and basically operate on their own schedule all the time. 

Don’t worry too much, you might not be dying alone just yet…but you seem rather close.

Here are some obvious signs you have been single for a long period of time:

You essentially wear sweatpants on a daily basis when you’re home.

Taking a nap beats going on an actual date.
The thought of sharing a bed is enough to make you cry yourself to sleep.

You’re on so many dating apps that you start recognising people from them as though they’re your friends.

Valentine’s Day is your most hated holiday.

You’re cynical when it comes to your friends’ relationships.

Everyone constantly has “the perfect someone” they want to set you up with.

There is definitely more Netflix, than chill in your life.

Sharing food with someone is no longer possible.

Attending weddings becomes your worst nightmare!

You’ve actually thought of freezing your eggs or adopting your own South African child.

You are looking at a studio apartment because you think you would still be single two, three years or decades down the road.

Your most recent ex is now married or engaged.

You’ve developed a genuine allergy to PDA.

You are used to being the perpetual third wheel around your couple friends.

Your extended family has given up asking if you’ve gotten a significant other yet.

If you have done or are doing these things, they are crucial signs your singleness has reached whole new levels. 

by: Adeline Tan