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Sexiest Ryan Reynolds Moments

Ryan Reynolds superfans and screaming fangirls celebrate, as Ryan Reynolds JUST closed the deal for the Deadpool sequel! We get to see the strapping, gorgeous actor in that tight red suit once again and we can’t hold in our excitement. Personally, we thought he was already unbelievably gawk-worthy when he played Van Wilder in 2002, fresh and young with that same mischievous grin.
Lots to come from Reynolds and yes, it looks like we’re gearing up for a bonafide Reynoldssaince. The People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2010 was recently also crowned the Sexiest Dad Alive in 2016 and we definitely couldn’t agree more! Since Ryan Reynolds confirmed his return as Deadpool, superhero vigilante, we would like to pay homage to his glorious, rock-hard abs in this lustfully curated retrospective of his sexiest moments.

1. Remember when he stripped down in The Proposal! Although it was a comical nude scene but even hot and exposed he managed to nail all his punchlines. That takes some serious skill.

2. Ryan Reynolds in Men’s Health UK 2007 showed off his exceptionally fit bod! Forget the 6-pack, we bring you the 8-pack! (Pick your jaw off the ground)

3. Reynolds in Blade: Trinity – sure vampires are sexy and they glisten (apparently according to Twilight) but you know what’s even hotter? A vampire hunter. Specifically a vampire hunter with a frame like Reynolds, all chained up.

4. The Reynolds-abs made an appearance once again in The Green Lantern! Yes, that movie flopped on its belly like a newborn baby seal but its saving grace was Reynolds in his tighty whities, so who really cared about his power ring?

5. Deadpool; pre-mutilation to his handsome face (spoiler). We all loved his tawny brawniness as the smart mouth, sword-wielding superhero and relished that scene when he was practically naked - freakishly gawp-worthy.

6. The last sexy Ryan Reynolds moment does not involve him stripping to his skivvies or showing off his body, but had women worldwide drooling and fantasising their life as Mrs. Reynolds (sorry Blake Lively). It’s a video produced by GQ magazine where Reynolds is attempting to assemble a crib from IKEA. It’s funny, adorable and ladies if you still want him, then just be prepared to assemble your own IKEA furniture (we wouldn’t mind obviously).

The fact that Ryan Reynolds is not sleeping with Sandra Bullock is definitely her loss. Shame on Scarlett Johansson for giving this up! What were you thinking?

by: Adeline Tan