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A Royal Tale: Bernard Chandran Petang Raya 2016/2017

Bernard Chandran has one objective, and it is to make every woman feel like a royal whenever she wears his creations. His new collection, Petang Raya 2016/2017, is influenced by the insights and beauty of designing for aristocrats and royal clientele. Chandran paid homage to Her Majesty the Queen of Brunei’s regal style from her much-loved silk print headscarves to her bejewelled attire. 

Bringing fresh concepts and continuous updates to traditional Malay wear, the collection introduces numerous revolutionary styles of cut, contrasting colours and textures, with ‘70s undertones. The collection is particularly special as it celebrates the 10th anniversary of the prolific Malaysian designer's annual Petang Raya outing. 

Breaking free from the restrictions of the stereotypical usage of printed fabrics by mixing many prints and colours in a single design, the results speak of a contemporary triumph in innovation and femininity. It’s truly a statement contrasting so many prints to create a super refined style staying true to the designer's original inspirations.

Bernard Chandran doesn’t merely throw everything together but rather relies heavily on the building blocks of well thought-out designs from colours and prints to cut, texture and composition. The best of the best of Bernard Chandran designs were out in full and resplendent force at the grand ballroom of Kuala Lumpur's newly opened St. Regis Hotel.

The master of design and cut gives us a cohesive and glamorous collection that never fails to astound with rich embellishments and eye-catching sequins. His strength in bridging a contemporary aesthetic with traditional design comes at the impetus of persistently ‘pushing boundaries’ and a daring, confident streak.

He masterfully brings a contemporary edge to his regal-inspired collection – an equally luxurious and modern lineup that's fit for the most discerning and fashion-forward princess.

Malaysian designer Bernard Chandran taking the final bow with his daughter at the Petang Raya 2016/17 show.

Watch the full Bernard Chandran Petang Raya 2016/17 show here:

video credits: youtube bcbernardchandran

All images courtesy of Bernard Chandran

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by: Adeline Tan