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Peculiar Drunk Food Combinations That Work

Most of us have cravings after a night out with friends chugging on some “liquid courage” and raving all night with pints of “golden elixir”. The best thing to satisfy these cravings is to grab the greasiest and fastest meals you can find. Also, when you are sloshed, your judgement is definitely more impaired, so making these odd food combinations would actually seem acceptable to you.

They say everything tastes better when you are drunk, we agree, but if you want to be adventurous and try something new, these are some great drunk food combinations that actually work! Because under-the-influence eating is a worldwide truth that no one is immune to.

Pizza dunked in honey 

Pepperoni and sausage pizza with honey is probably one of the best things we’ve had while drunk. Honey isn’t normally the first thing that comes to mind when you are ordering a pizza, but the addition of the sweet bee-made delicacy to the conventionally salty Italian pie creates heavenly music.

French fries with curry 

French fries, freedom fries, frites, chips—regardless of what you call them, they are the ideal choice of food (drunk or not). Chips and curry sauce is a favourite late night snack in England or Ireland and this spicy, sweet curry sauce drizzled over French fries is one of the greatest food inventions ever! As much as we love ketchup, it can get a little boring sometimes, especially when you practically live off of French fries, so curry is a great way to spice things up.
Ramen with cheese

College kids will dream about this! Instant ramen and cheese, it doesn’t get much easier or more delightful than this. Stringy and gooey cheese in our hot spicy ramen soup is something we could even eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Peanut Butter on a burger

This is a less conventional trend that is sure to catch on. The thought of slathering your burger with rich, creamy peanut butter may sound weird or a sign of the decadence of a deteriorating world but trust us when we say this is a must-have. Peanut butter is odd enough to be interesting, but with burgers, it tastes so good! It's a bit wacky and will be most suited to the hardcore peanut butter lover.

Scrambled eggs with grape jelly

This might sound strange, but actually this is an Irish combination that goes well together. A couple of teaspoons of grape jelly on top of scrambled eggs or in the centre of a folded omelette, and drunk foods go from good to great.

Salted potato chips with Nutella

Salty, crunchy potato chip meets delicious hazelnut chocolate, and if you had trouble only eating one chip before, you are completely ruined now. We tried Nutella with Ruffles potato chips, and we are never going back to eating just regular chips. Nutella Chips are a sweet and savoury pleasure!

Chicken nuggets dipped in Sprite

You might be shaking your head in disapproval right about now. However, you need to try this at least once! The frizz of the Sprite along with the savoury chicken nuggets is simply remarkable.

Banana and mayonnaise sandwich

Apply some mayonnaise on bread slices and then place sliced bananas in between them and enjoy the extremely delicious treat that is stress-free to make and nobody would have told you about it before.

M&Ms on a pizza 

The perfect example of an actual drunk food combination many would love to try. There is something addictive about crunchy chocolate M&Ms and plain cheese pizza. Salty, savoury and sweet! Yumm.

by: Adeline Tan