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In Memory Of Samantha Schubert

Samantha Schubert

When news broke on April 25, 2016 that Samantha Schubert had succumbed to cancer at Prince Court Medical Centre, many were taken by surprise and saddened by the fact.

The media spotlight may have been off Samantha Schubert in recent years after she left Malaysia to settle in the UK with her husband and three children, but those who know her and of her had not forgotten the ex-beauty queen-turned-actress and producer.

Schubert rose to fame after winning Miss Malaysia World in 1991 but her achievements didn’t stop there. She was a trained actress, having graduated from prestigious acting schools like the Lee Strasburg School of Film & Theatre and The Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles and the Drama Studio in London.

Her work as an actress and producer included movies like Red Scorpion 2 (1994), Amok (1997) and The Red Kebaya (2006). Besides that, Schubert was also a prolific model fronting numerous print and television campaigns with the most memorable being the one she did for Nescafe in 1993.

Schubert's Facebook account reveals many photographs of her lovingly embracing her three children — Harry, Jodie and Thomas. We notice she shone not just in the arts but as a public and private figure who radiated love and life.

RIP to a person who was “beautiful, inside and out”, in the words of friends Chelsia Ng and Junji Delfino. No one knows  a person more than close friends and Samantha Schubert had more than a handful whose loving homage to her is the kind of legacy all of us would want to leave behind.

Here with children (left to right) Thomas, Harry and Jodie, and mother Datuk Dr Paddy Bowie.

Images and quotes extracted from Samantha Schubert’s tribute website

Watch the trailer of The Red Kebaya (2006) starring Samantha Schubert here:

The Red Kebaya

by: Tan Siok Hoon