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M83 Live In Kuala Lumpur

Synth-driven dream-steeped pop bands normally spend their careers pointlessly contending with how to translate their sonic expanse tracks into an astonishing live set. However, M83 does not have this problem. French musical mastermind Anthony Gonzalez’s M83 has seven illustrious albums of material to vaunt.

Their music travels and goes to different places, transcending language (as most of their tracks contain little to no lyrics) and reaching different kinds of people. M83’s sound has always been grandiose, sweeping and heartfelt. Over 1,500 fans came to watch M83 perform live for the first time ever in Kuala Lumpur (held at KL Live) and they stared back, gyrating to the echoes of Reunion, Wait and We Own The Sky. Wait really slowed it down, a cavernous heartbeat as Gonzalez gradually hit those digitized baby high note harmonies and Outro brought another wall of feel-good, mellow sound with an explosive instrumental chorus.

Gonzalez didn’t really need to say much on stage, sporadically shouting, “Kuala Lumpur!!!” to get the crowd pumped but his smile alone exuded past the space, and he appeared like a child whose production earned approval from his family and friends. M83 is a juggernaut in the concert/festival circuit, dishing out their brand of dream pop/indie rock that evolved into a cultural and film phenomenon. Many would even call their sound ‘universal’ with tracks like Midnight City – that swelling trilled vocals, its angsty-yet-anthemic sound and the pulsating drums would invoke the best atmosphere anywhere. It’s that tune that could perhaps define an entire era and it’s a work of art any artist would stand behind. The band astonishes the crowd with Oblivion and Intro, leaving us thinking over profounder, more atmospheric instrumental tunes like Couleurs.

They also have mastered their stage prowess, Gonzalez is a veteran after all, and has a bevy of gifted people on stage by his side. One stand out would be Jordan Lawlor – undoubtedly the greatest find in the history of open auditions because that kid never stopped ricocheting across the stage with so much vigour and swag, which we found very charismatic. The saxophonist – wow, just unbelievable, he stole the show numerous times with that smooth reverberation! M83’s performance was entirely accentuated by neon lights and every member approached each song with finesse and rock-type fervour.

At the end of the night, we just didn’t want to Walkaway!

by: Adeline Tan  

All Images by All Is Amazing