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Influence Asia February 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have heard of Influence Asia 2015! Fans queued from as early as 11pm the night before in hopes of catching a glimpse of their favourite celebrities. The show was produced by Singapore based social media marketing company Gushcloud and hosted by Korea-based Yello Digital Marketing. The award ceremony gathered over 180 influencers from the region, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. 

We spoke to a couple of the victors from Malaysia about their journey, inspiration and future undertakings.

Wak Doyok
With over 900,000 followers on Instagram, Wak Doyok is a name you have to keep an eye out for, even more so after winning the Top Fashion Influencer (Malaysia) award. Less popularly known by his real name Mohd Azwan Md Nor, Wak Doyok has fans that earnestly look to him for fashion advice and admire his style. Wak definitely has that ‘Everyman’ appeal.

Who are your style icons and what inspires your personal style?
For the menswear ‘gentleman’ look, I get inspired by two people, one is an Italian and one is a British street style blogger. If we look at their weather, they can layer pieces easily but in Malaysia we have to use different materials to allow the clothes to be breathable and appropriate for this hot weather.
What would your advice be for people wanting to wear outerwear as seamlessly as you do?
A lot of European brands have started flooding into the Malaysian market, so it’s easier for people to wear chic layers. The only two issues for people in our country is our weather and confidence, because if we want to wear the ‘gentleman’ look, it is not for outdoor wear because these clothes are most ideally worn in cafes, at meetings and in cool places. I received a lot of criticism from people but throughout these five years, I gave individuals exposure on how to dress well. Malaysians are becoming more receptive to this sort of styling and are more open-minded to try new things.  

Charis Ow
Wearing an alluring gold Mignon Almond Dazzle dress, Charis Ow shone bright like a diamond on stage when accepting her award for Top Beauty Influencer (Malaysia). Charis is a spirited young lady who is a part-time fashion/beauty lover, singer and occasional YouTube actress.

What are your future projects in 2016?
In January 2016, I will be hosting a travel programme (Discovering Channel, Travel & Living) which is something completely out of my comfort zone, but I’m always taking risks. For one month I will be travelling, and when I come back I am planning collaborations with other beauty and lifestyle YouTubers in Malaysia and hopefully overseas. Collaboration is what makes us grow and I will drive myself to create quality content and more videos.

Who or what inspires your personal style?
I really look up to two major fashion icons, Jenn Im (Fashion/Lifestyle YouTuber) from Clothes Encounters and Michelle Phan (Makeup YouTuber). They are the reasons why I created my YouTube channel and I really admire Olivia Palermo’s style. It’s about comfort for me because Malaysia can be really hot!

What is a favourite beauty tip of yours?
Always remember to remove your makeup before you sleep, no matter how tired you are! Put on sunblock every single day because the sun in Malaysia is blazing hot.

Eusoff Hashim a.k.a. Ucopppp
Acknowledged for his wacky, amusing and sharable dubsmash videos on Instagram, Ucopppp is a personality with tons of charisma and formidable dubsmash talents that would blow your mind. He took home two awards that night, Top Lifestyle influencer (Malaysia) and Breakout Influencer of The Year, which he did not expect.  

What inspires your content?
What I did in my videos is show that life doesn’t have boundaries, you can be whoever you want and I liberate my ideas through these videos! I have a lot of characters and each character has a story.

What is next for you and your online career?
Since I’m in the social media scene, I will keep doing the same things I am doing now but I am looking forward to making my own way in the entertainment industry. I would like to maybe dabble in more acting and stage performing, because I used to be a dancer before I did dubsmash videos, which not many people know about. I will pursue my passion in dancing and eventually become known as a celebrity dancer. In 2016, I want to create a YouTube channel that is more focused towards dance routines.

by: Adeline Tan