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Creepy Things Everyone Does (But Doesn’t Admit) While In A Relationship

Watching your other half sleep
This is endearing when you see it in romantic movies, but when it starts becoming a nightly ritual or something Edward Cullen would do then we might be crossing the line to Creepsville.

Taking pictures of them while they’re sleeping
We might think, “Aww doesn’t he/she look so peaceful and lovable while they’re sleeping, let me take a picture to remember this moment.” No, in reality most of the time when we sleep we don’t look serene or radiant, we have drool dripping from our mouths and disgusting eye boogers. Nobody wants a record of that. Nobody.
Knowing their exact order (down to the sides and vinaigrette)
Sometimes it might look adorable when couples know precisely what to order each other for dinner or lunch, but in actual fact, when they know right down to the little details of which spice or condiment, it can come off as slightly disturbing.

Turning over their phone to check who sends them messages when they are out of the room
We are all guilty of doing this. Whenever he/she leaves their phone unmanned, we swiftly turn over their phones to check who messaged them lately or whether they’re “cheating” on you. It’s a sign of lack of trust (clearly) but we still do it because we are all insecure beings.  

Putting pictures of them everywhere!
If one picture on your office desk isn’t enough, there is the phone display, laptop screensaver, the wallet, your room walls, every photo frame you own and not forgetting every social media platform known to mankind. It’s like a Fanclub of one and you are evidently obsessed with your partner, just a tinge too much.

Bringing up events you’ve seen on social media but they never told you about it
When your partner tells you about their day or a story about their childhood and you remember it, that’s charming. But when you know things the other person never spoke to you about, then it’s called stalking and it’s eerie. We all have scanned through Facebook history all the way back to 2006 and they were probably still that pudgy kid with braces, but bringing up that time in high school when they wore a rented turquoise ensemble to prom, may seem a little weird.

Knowing where they are at ALL times
Short of hiding a GPS tracking device on your partner at all times, we have this thing called Facebook and Instagram. If they checked in at Pizza Hut, you’d know it. Basically if they post anything on social media, you will be notified. If they left their office, you would know because they have been away from Facebook for a while and there is this thing where people tag you in every picture conceivable, yes that makes it easier as well.

Secretly filming them everywhere and thinking everything they do is social media worthy
When you surprise them with a gift on their birthday and decide to film it, then it’s cute. But if you film everything from brushing their teeth to putting on their shoes, to even when they are eating, then it starts to get a little strange. We don’t have to see how your partner cooks in the kitchen or naps with the cat on social media, thanks.

Leaving a note on their doorstep or car
Leaving an encouraging post-it note on their toilet mirror before work is wonderful, but when you start leaving notes on their kitchen table, their lunch boxes, the car steering wheel, their bedside lamp, on their pet dog, that may be taking it a bit too far. We get it, you love them but maybe stick to the one-note-a-day rule.

Checking their last seen time stamp on Whatsapp
Technology’s biggest shortcoming, we know everything about everyone, even the last time they checked their Whatsapp (if you kept the time stamp feature on) which most couples insist on. We lurk and creepily check their last seen time whenever we are unconvinced if they are actually busy or just avoiding our messages, even better – if they really fell asleep at midnight or was it 3am? We have all done this. And it’s point-blank creepy.

by: Adeline Tan