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10 Things We Never Knew About Prince

photo: buzzfeed

The news world is abuzz with stories on music legend Prince who left us April 21 2016, but it takes a close friend like Van Jones to shed light on who the late icon really was. Jones, the lawyer of Prince and a political contributor, who went from working with the President of the United States to working for Prince shares these nuggets about Prince.

1) True Friend  - Prince was always there for  his pals in their worst moments, through thick and thin, and all their struggles.

2) Humanitarian – Music was a cover and means to an end for the work Prince did to help community groups and leaders through projects such as ‘Rebuild The Dream’ and ‘Green For All’.

3) Culture Vulture – Not just a musical genius, Prince was knowledgeable and had diverse interests in topics like philosophy, theology, ancient history and world affairs.

4) Comic - Not many people knew about his sense of humour, and we are told that had Prince not been a musician, he would have been a comedian.

5) Sportsman – Prince excelled in the sport of table-tennis and could level even the best of opponents.

6) Activist – Prince championed the rights of artistes to retain control over their music and fought against companies that benefitted from musicians’ works.

7) Mentor – Prince had a heart and the compassion to help and groom the young generation starting out in the music industry.

8) Technocrat – Unbeknown to most people, he facilitated initiatives like ‘Yes We Code’ to help young adults build apps in conjunction with tech companies.

9) Man Of Faith – Prince was a practising Jehovah’s Witness who lived and walked the talk of his beliefs.

10) Oscar Winner – Prince won an Oscar in 1984 for Purple Rain.

photo: pinterest

by: Tan Siok Hoon