10 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Memes

Before Leonardo DiCaprio was an Oscar winner for Best Actor *roaring applause*, hundreds of memes circulated the internet of him losing each and every time and the tragedy that is his constant Oscar snub. Now, DiCaprio has risen victorious and we can officially say cheerio to those gut-wrenching yet hilarious memes of Leo NOT winning an Oscar.

At long last Leo was able to take home the gold, and no one is more ecstatic than the entire internet community who exploded in celebratory tweets, instagrams, and funny memes all to celebrate his win. So let’s raise a glass and toast to Leonardo DiCaprio’s win for the gruelling role of a man seeking revenge on the man who killed his son and left him for dead after being mauled by a grizzly bear in The Revenant.

We say goodbye and R.I.P.  to those much loved Leo Oscar memes. Over the course of his entire acting career, DiCaprio has been nominated for 6 Academy Awards — and while he's one of the most gifted actors and most identifiable faces to ever come out of Hollywood, the golden statue has never come home with him, till now. Here are some memes that define his past and present, love-hate relationship with the Oscars. 

Now lets all say a heartfelt farewell to these NOW irrelevant memes and hello to these very much welcomed change in the meme universe!


Well done Leo...well done! (our faces resembling that of Kate’s when Leo gave his acceptance speech)

by: Adeline Tan